About EZPZ

EZPZ Mixes was created for all those little bakers who aren’t quite ready to go it alone! All of our products were developed with kids in mind: kid-sized cakes that are big enough to share, in delicious flavors that require only water and an oven. Our kid-sized baking tools are perfect for little hands and our decorations are simple.

When my children were young, if I was in the kitchen they were always on a chair or two on either side of me. They took turns with the mixing and stirring, but when it came time to lick the bowl, we had to “draw straws” for the bowl or the beaters. The most difficult thing for me was not being included in the drawing! I know it has been determined that eating raw dough is hazardous to your health, but I am of the notion that preventing it is like robbing children of one of life’s earliest pleasures!

I now, occasionally, find myself in my kitchen with a chair or two on either side, my young grandchildren leaning on the countertop anxiously wanting to help.  They were my inspiration for EZPZ Mixes!  Create a kit that includes everything for little hands to create and bake little cakes for little tummies.  Now they can bake their cake and eat it too!

It has been said, “A great many things can be resolved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require a cake."
Happy Baking,
Tena Zurita